The Manor Desiderio rises on Santomato’s hills, 5 minutes away from via Montalese, 10 minutes from the center of Pistoia and 12 from Prato: its name comes from the brook flowing west of the property.
The manor was builded in 1684 and rises beside seven natural waterfalls pretty suggestive.


The 900 mt. Of private dirt road to reach the manor are surrounded by 1600 olive trees, many of which centuries old. In olives harvest months we produce excellent extra-virgin biologic olive oil.

The 9 hectares of terrain are visible from the panoramic garden which dominates all the plain: we can see Pistoia, Prato and all Florence. Even the famous Giotto’s bell tower appears majestic on the horizon in the beautiful days.

The sight is one of a kind: thanks to the position 250 mt. above the sea level, nestled between Santomato’s Hills, the manor takes benefits from the exposure to south, and the Apennine wood above protect it from frigid temperatures.

The panoramic garden is more than 5000 mq with 500 mq of earthenware tiles flooring : sideways there’s a huge wood portico perfect to use in case of rain. The atmosphere is quite, discreet thank to the distance from other buildings.

A room with wood oven and fireplace is available to prepare excellent pizzas, bread or to cook game.
The toilet is inside the house.

The garden is very adaptable: great cocktails at the sunset, romantic weddings with the opportunity to take pictures in every corner of Villa Desiderio, both immerse in the olive three grove, both in the panoramic garden, with amazing panorama background.

Suitable for all situations : opportunity to use the portico and the room with wood oven and fireplace.